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Precision Window Tinting Frequently Asked Questions
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Questions About Our Service

Questions About Installation

Questions About The Films

Why choose Precision?

Our goal is our customers 100% satisfaction with our service and products.

Our experienced staff are familiar with every aspect of architectural window film installation. We are knowledgable in film properties, glass types, frame types, glazing materials, window and door mounting hardware, safe application guidelines, and window film removal.

We are also familiar with almost every major brand of film on the market. We've done the research for you and proudly carry solar control films that we believe to be the most distortion-free, cost-effective, and reliable products available: Madico and V-Kool.

We will never try to sell you a product that you do not need, nor one that will not perform the task that you need it to do.

Residential or commercial, we install the film as though it was a window in one of our own homes.

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Is the film going to make my windows shiny?

No, the highly-reflective films we carry are used only for skylights, privacy and commercial applications. Click here to browse our solar control films!

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Will I lose my view if I have film installed?

Absolutely not! All of our residential solar control films were designed to preserve the view through the windows they are applied to, and to only block enough light to reduce eye strain.

If you are interested in UV and heat reduction and do not want to add any color to the windows, the VK series is the way to go. VK70 blocks 55% of the heat, 99% of the ultraviolet light, and rejects over 94% of the infrared light that contributes to heat retention - and the windows look nearly the same as they would without the film!
The only choice for storefronts!

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Will window film protect against fading?

Fade Protection Information

The first thing to consider is that as long as sunlight touches your furnishings, they will fade to some degree. The use of window film can help slow this process significantly, but nothing can stop fading completely. Window films can offer permanant, no-hassle protection of your furnishings, extending the existing life of whatever is behind them.

The second thing to consider is that some items are faded by the sun more easily than others. For example: If leather chairs or exotic wood floors are left unprotected and exposed to direct sunlight, they will probably only have around 3 months before they start to show the signs of fading. Because such items are so adversely affected by the sun, the use of blinds or shades might not be enough to protect them. Window film offers another layer of protection to help protect your furnishings from the ravaging sun.

The third thing to consider when choosing a film to control fading is that UV (Ultra-Violet) light is not the only thing that causes fading. There are other factors that add to the problem, such as heat and visible light.

Other minor factors that contribute to fading are poor dyes, cleaning agents, and normal wear.

It is because of the large amount of damage that heat and visible light can cause, that a clear window film that only has UV protectant is a POOR film to use to control fading. You need to use a film that reduces some visible light and heat as well.


All of our window films block 99% of the UV light regardless of the heat and visible light reduction properties of the film. That being said, typically the darker the film, the better the fade protection. We have several styles of film to choose from that only slightly darken the window and offer great fade protection.

If changing the look of the window is not an option, we also carry nearly invisible spectrally-selective film that can block over 56% of the heat and 30% of the visible light, offering you moderate fade protection while leaving the look of your windows unchanged.

Window treatments such as shades, blinds or curtains offer inconsistent protection of your furnishings, and often do nothing to reduce heat. Window film is 24-hour protection regardless of whether you remember to draw your shades or not.

With this knowledge you can make an informed decision about what film will best suit your aesthetic needs while also prolonging the life of your furnishings!

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Do I need to clean my windows before you install?

Absolutely not. Proper window cleaning and window frame preparation are necessary before the window film is installed, and this is a job best left to our experienced technicians. They will meticulously clean every square inch of the glass surface just moments before the film is applied, and remove whatever excess paint, caulk, glazing material and dirt there may be from the edge of the glass.

This procedure keeps the airborne dust that can get trapped behind the film to a bare minimum, and ensures proper bonding between edge of the film and the window to prevent peeling.

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How do I clean the film after its installed?

If you recently had film installed by us, it is important that you wait 30 days from the date of application to ensure that the film has had ample time to cure before attempting to wash the film.

After 30 days, you can wash the windows as you normally would. Caution should be taken if working with squeegees as there are screws and sharp edges on them that can scratch the film if used improperly. If you have your windows washed by a service be sure to let them know that film has been applied to your windows.

Care should be taken when applying tape or decals to the film after it has dried, as you will not be able to use a razor blade to remove them should you want to take them off at a later time.

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What film do I need?

Choosing the proper film:

Finding the right film to suit your needs is a job best left to one of our experienced sales staff, however some general rules are:

  • If you have a glare problem, you will need to choose a film that has a visible light reduction of around 60% or higher. The only catch is to consider how dark of a window you can live with. Going darker than 60% isn't for everyone, and so we usually only recommend doing that in an office or similar environment where computer monitors become difficult to read with the glare.

  • If you have a fading problem, you need to choose a film that reduces visible light, heat and ultra-violet light. Although all of our films block over 99% of the ultra-violet light, UV is NOT the only number that is important. Heat and visible light together are 50% of what causes fading, compared to UV at 40%. So keep that in mind when choosing a film. Learn More.

  • If heat is the issue, pay attention to the "Heat Reduction" percentage that the film has, also referred to as "Total Solar Energy Rejected". We carry films that keep up to 80% of the heat from going through your windows.

    Click here for a Virtual Tour of our more popular solar control films

    We also carry Anti-graffiti film to protect your windows from vandalism, and Frosted Window Film to add privacy or to create a sophisticated look.

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  • How much does this cost?

    With prices that start as low as $5/sqft (which include the film, labor & warranty), Precision boasts the most competitive pricing and highest customer satisfaction in Chicago. We also offer the lowest price for V-Kool products in Chicago, which averages a 20% savings over the competition - as low as $10/sqft installed!

    Unlike some purchases for your home or business that require maintenance, this is a one-time, worry-free investment that will outlast almost any other home improvement or major appliance purchase that you can make.

    Solar window film pays for itself in climate control savings, prolongs the life of your air conditioner, and keeps your furniture and flooring looking like new for longer!

    Click here to request an estimate - you'll be glad you did!

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    How long does the film last?

    Properly cared for film can easily last over 15 years. A 10-year commercial, lifetime residential warranty ensures that the product will not crack, bubble, peel or delaminate.

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    What types of glass/materials can I have tinted?

    We can install film on:

    • Tempered Glass
    • Annealed Glass
    • Double-pane windows
    • Low-E Glass
    • French Panes
    • Polygons
    • "Half Moons"
    • Glass Skylights
    • Glass cabinets
    • Flat Polished Metal (with graffiti film)
    • Mirrors

    We do not film:

    • Cars
    • Stained Glass
    • Plexiglass
    • Textured or wavy glass
    • "Bubble Skylights"
    • Curved Glass

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    What is involved with the installation?

    We are a full service company that takes pride in completing our work in a neat and timely manner, with a bare minimum of disruption to your environment.

    Our installers always wear shoe covers and dropclothes are used in all work areas. A film cutting device will be set up in an open area and will remain stationary throughout the installation. Depending on the height and size of your windows, stools, ladders or scaffold may be used.

    The technicians will remove any light obstructions from around the windows, and will help you to move heavier objects if possible. Breakable or valuable items should be moved from the area prior to the technicians arrival. All shades, blinds, curtains or screens will be removed by us when necessary.

    The installation utilizes a mild soap and water solution to clean the windows and apply the film, which will not damage floors, window frames or painted surfaces.

    After each window is meticulously cleaned and the edges are properly prepared, the adhesive surface of the film is activated with the soap solution, placed on the window, cut to size, and squeegeed down.

    When the work is complete, we will replace all window treatments and furniture to their original position and clean the work area.

    If you have other questions about the installation process, just message us and we'll be happy to help!

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    Do I get a warranty?

    Yes! Not only is the film guaranteed by the manufacturer not to crack, peel, bubble or delaminate for as long as you own your home, but we guarantee the quality of our installation, and will replace the film for free if there are any defects in our workmanship.

    Commercial applications have a similar warranty but the film itself is only guaranteed for 10-15 years.

    In addition to the standard product warranty, the manufacturer will warranty the glass itself for a period of up to 5 years on vertical applications where solar film was applied! If you have an existing warranty on your windows, no problem! Our manufacturers will match your existing thermal seal warranty (ask for details).

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    Do you remove/replace film?

    Absolutely! Film removal can be messy and difficult - leave it to us! We offer low rates for window film removal, and never charge for the removal of old film when you replace it with ours. How's that for a great deal?

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    Why don't you carry Prestige?

    Simply because we have opted not to be a 3M dealer. 3M restricts the sale of competitors' products. Because no single window film manufacturer produces the best of each type of film, it would not be possible to provide the best possible range of products to our customers if we were restrained by those conditions.

    That being said, we aren't really impressed with the optical clarity of their solar control products. The adhesives used in the 3M Prestige series optically distort the view, so much so that 3M has stopped producing sample cards with adhesive.

    Instead of Prestige we carry the VK series produced by V-Kool. There is the more affordable VK65 which closely matches the look of Prestige 70 (without the distortive effect) and blocks up to 51% of the suns heat (3M can only promise 44%), and VK70 which is even clearer than VK65 and blocks up to 56% of the suns heat.

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    Why not buy film and install it myself?

    Do-it-yourself window films are manufactured with soft, low grade polyester substrate to make them easier to install. These materials give the films an unappealing look which can include distortion, haziness and an excessive "rainbow" like appearance. The products we install do not have these negative characteristics, require professional installation and are not available to the public.

    DIY window film installation either ends in complete failure, or with mediocre results that will quickly peel or bubble. DIY film installation also hurts the value of your home, always "stands out" and gives the next buyer ammunition for a discount. Give us the chance to do the job right and you can increase the equity, comfort and beauty of your home!

    We offer free, informative estimates. Just click here to get one today!

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