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Energy Saving Window Film
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Popular Solar Window Films We Install

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Precision Virtual Film Tour - Windows Without Film
Precision Virtual Film Tour - Soft Bronze SB341 | Medium Light Bronze
Precision Virtual Film Tour - Soft Bronze SB221 | Medium Bronze
Precision Virtual Film Tour - VKool VK70 | Neutral Film
Precision Virtual Film Tour - Vkool VK65 | Neutral Film
Precision Virtual Film Tour - Neutral 35 | Symphony
Precision Virtual Film Tour - Neutral 50 | Symphony
Precision Virtual Film Tour - SRS220 | Dark Reflective Surface
Precision Virtual Film Tour - DR7 | Dark Dual-Reflective Surface

Looking for something else? Check out our frosted films or message us to ask about our many other films.

Glare, Fade and Heat Reduction - Plus Privacy

Forget about what preconceptions you might have about window film, Chicago! Architectural window film is not car tint. Among the full line of premium window films we install are some of the most recognized manufacturers in the industry: Madico and V-Kool.

These window films deliver the clearest distortion-free view you can find, at the most reasonable price. You can reduce heat, glare and 99% of ultra-violet light without negatively affecting your view or over-darkening your windows.

All of the solar control films we carry are warranted not to peel, crack, bubble or delaminate - or you get it replaced for FREE.

Below is a brief description of the films shown in the virtual tour. We offer products comparable to nearly every film available on the market, many of which are not shown in the tour. Get a free estimate and we will send you free samples to choose from. To learn more about selecting the right film for your needs, check our FAQ or send us an instant message.

More information about our window films

Our most popular residential films are made using an advanced manufacturing process known as "sputtering". In a vacuum chamber, high-quality polyester substrate is bombarded with a blend of metals which become bonded at the atomic level. These specific metals will not affect communication devices. This process results in a distortion-free film with high visible light transmittance and superior heat rejection.

Our most popular film manufactured using this process is SB341. With its subtle color and heat reduction performance it is a great choice for your home. The next step darker of this bronze line is SB221, which is slightly more noticable but also 20% more effective in heat and glare reduction and great for improving privacy.

Symphony 35, our most popular neutral film, provides nearly the same performance as SB341, but with a finish better suited for decor comprised of cooler color tones. Symphony 50, the clearest film of this series, is the practical choice for fade protection when conserving high visible light is a priority.

The high performance of SRS220 is great for skylights and for cooling and shading hot commercial environments without cutting down on too much light.

If you are looking for superior one-way privacy or ultra-high glare reduction, DR7 is the solution! With a black, low reflective interior and a mirror like exterior, DR7 delivers the best privacy we can offer without blocking the view in both directions.

VK70, a unique 7-layer sputtered product comprised of gold, silver and indium oxide is nearly invisible while still offering an amazing 56.4% heat reduction on double-pane glass. V-Kool 70 is the highest performing spectrally-selective film on the market. Any environment that would benefit from heat reduction without added reflectivity or color to the glass would benefit from the use of V-Kool.

If you are interested in any of these films, would like to see what other solar films we carry, or have some questions - just contact us for more information.

All images are simulated, but offer an accurate portrayal of how the light coming into the room and the color of the outside world are affected by the application of each film.

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